Welcome to Riot Grrrl, Ink.,
the Largest Queer Record Label in the WORLD
This site has been reactivated for historical purposes. Riot Grrrl Ink. has not been operating since 2014 but given the undeniable and ever present need for reparations, we made the site live to archive an example of how we can work together to dismantle power structures and redistribute resources intentionally.
To contextualize this, for those who do not already know, RGI was the largest queer record label in the world. With over 200 artists on our Produce & Support roster, we were witnessing a moment in queer musical history we hadn’t thought possible. And then, near the peak of our success, it became apparent that we could not ethically represent the queer community. To be accountable to this realization, we needed to correct the power structures we had played a role in creating. RGI ended, making way for others to thrive and to access resources once used and even monopolized by RGI.
We want to not only archive this part of queer music history but to learn from it, and to strongly encourage others to find ways to dismantle privilege in their own lives.
Here is our advice. This is going to be an issue until we make it not an issue. This means addressing it, talking about it. Act on it. Have those uncomfortable conversations. Make sacrifices. Do the real work. Don’t outsource. Don’t tokenize. Don’t have an HR meeting about it. Find ways to get power, support, and resources to those who have been negatively impacted by your privilege, your existence, and your success.
There should be black, brown, indigenous leadership & ownership everywhere. There should be knowledge & resources that aren’t guarded by the elite or academia. There are resources that should be flooding impoverished communities that are holed up in towers and mansions where they are not needed.
Let us be clear. RGI has no regrets about our decision. In fact, we hope to inspire others in positions of power to do the same. For more information, check out the following write-ups from the Huffington Post and Pitchfork.
What Happens When the World’s Largest Queer Record Label Closes and No One Notices?
Riot Grrrl Ink and the Activist History of LGBTQ Record Labels
Don’t you want to burn it all down? And build it back up better? Join us.
Archived RGI Site
Please note all contact info on the site is not current or checked/ the site is archived for historical purposes only.